Skanlab Therapy™

● Distorsion des Fußgelenks mit Ödem
● Sinus tarsi Syndrom
● Achilles tendinitis/paratendinitis
● Teilruptur des Lig. Talofibulare anterior

● Myalgie
● Torticollis
● WAD – Whiplash Associated Disorders (Schleudertrauma)
● Vorbehandlung für Massagen, Dehnung, Mobilisierung.

● Impingement Syndrom
● Rotatoren Manschetten Läsion
● Biceps longum tendinitis
● Bei der Mobilisierung der,frozen shoulder“

● “Low back pain”
● Detonisierung der Muskulatur
● Myalgien
● Vorbehandlung für Massagen, Dehnungen, Mobilisierung.

● Hamstrings Contusion
● Oberschenkelmuskelfaserriss

● Coxarthrose
● Adductor tendinitis
● Trochanter tendinitis/bursitis
● M. piriformis Syndrom

● Gonarthrose
● Patello-femural Arthralgien
● Ligamentläsionen
● Läuferknie
● Springerknie

● Epicondylitis lateral und medial
● Pronator teres Syndrom
● Bursitis
● Karpaltunnelsyndrom
● Distorsion der Finger

● M. tibialis post. tendinitis
● Tibia periostitis
● M. triceps surae Kontraktur

Skanlab Laser™ Pro

Recommended treatment doses
for Low Level Laser Therapy Laser class 3 B, 780 – 860nm GaAlAs Lasers. Continuous or pulsed, mean output: 5 – 500mW
Irradiation times should range between 20 and 300 seconds
Daily treatment for 2 weeks or treatment ev
ery other day for 3-4 weeks is recommended
Irradiation should cover most of the
pathological tissue in the tendon/synovia.
Start with energy dose in table, then reduce
by 30% when inflammation is under control
Therapeutic dose windows typically range from
+/- 50% of given values, and doses outside
these windows are inappropriate and should not
be considered as Low Level Laser Therapy.
Recommended doses are for white/caucasian skin types based on results from clinical trials or
extrapolation of study results with similar
pathology and ultrasonogr
aphic tissue measurements.

The list may be subject to change at any time w
hen more research trials are being published.
World Association of Laser Therapy is not resp
onsible for the application of laser therapy in
patients, which should be performed at the sole
discretion and responsibility of the therapist.
Revised April 2010

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